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The Ark Daycare Nursery - provides stimulating and exciting environment  for children

     Story of The Ark Daycare Nursery 

                                             Executive summary
The Ark Day-care Nursery Limited is a company registered with Companies House in 2006, currently providing child facilities to children aged 3 months-5 years.

  The Market and Business

 The Ark Day-care Nursery currently operates from a purpose built community nursery in the Clapton area. We have an open registration and currently accommodate 34 children at anytime.

The Ark Day-care Nursery aims to support, the demand for two year old placements, the child care needs of working, studying parents with children and parents seeking employment in the local community and from the neighbouring boroughs.

One of the unique factors of The Ark is that we are passionate about the local Hackney community. Our ultimate drive is to make a difference in the lives of the children and families who benefit from attending the Ark Day Care Nursery and therefore plan to continue to seek strong links with the local authority by ensuring that we provide placements to some of the most vulnerable children within the community. Target groups include: children known to Social services, children of young parents, children with special educational needs, children of parents experiencing challenging family circumstances. This is currently evident in our practice were we provide care for children known to social care and our nursery manager is actively involved in Core Group and Children In Need meetings  with social services. We also have a history of meeting the needs of children with additional needs and they have made good progress during their time with us.

Long term we endeavour to use our personal skills, knowledge and understanding of childcare and our work with vulnerable families to delivery training programmes, workshops and regular family events to empower our community and future generations.

Core product offerings

The Ark Day-care Nursery will have one main product stream:    
  •  To provide childcare during the working day, between 8 am and 6:00 pm.

    Management Team  

    The day to day operations will be carried out by a supernumerary manager, senior staff and practitioners and relevant staff will be recruited to meet the needs and demands of a busy and thriving day nursery.  

    The Ark Day-Care Nursery aims to use the business route to continue to channel its passion of making a difference in the lives of children in the London Borough of Hackney. Our progressive vision is to establish an under 3’s development unit.  In order to achieve this we endeavour to do the following:  
    • To provide children in our care with a solid foundation in the areas of their, physical, emotional, cognitive, spiritual and moral development.
    • To continue to empower children with our strong focus on early communication and literacy skills, with the intention to create a foundation for future learning and better outcomes for life opportunities.  
    • To implement up to date practice in the area of outdoor learning to enhance the experiences and well-being of our children through the use of the outdoor space available.  
    • To contribute to the local community by providing affordable child care.
    • To provide employment opportunities and progression for adults who are passionate about childcare.    

    Leaview House 
    London E5 9DX
    Telephone: 0208 815 8421  


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